Tips for Epson R290 Stylus Printer Owners

I have additional tips for owners Epson R290 printer. Cartidge original R290 chip has a system that calculates the number of print-out that we have done, after reaching the maximum limit will require the replacement printer cartridges.

Likewise, infusion system occurred at R 290 Printer, this infusion combine to implement the system chip, which is equipped with a switch / switch on top of the cartridge.

The function of this switch is to reset the print cartridge if the volume requires replacement cartridges, printer R290 means we are "deceptive" as if we've replaced with a new cartridge.

Note : almost all types of latest Epson printers use a very difficult chip to be modified, in contrast with previous types such as R230, R250, C67, C58, C65 etc., which reset it can be done autonomously, for the latest types reset is performed with the help of user / users.

How to reset the cartridge Epson R290 Printer :

(Feature printer cartridge needs to be reset; printer will give a warning, a light red / orange blinking on the reset button (next to the power button)).
  • Open the printer cover
  • Remove the paper / material sensor plug cover,
  • Press the reset button (next to the power button) several times (1-3x), to position the cartridge into the cartridge replacement position (right),
  • Press the switch at the top of the cartridge (rather long), then release,
  • Replace the sensor booster paper cover
  • Close the printer cover
  • Press the reset button again, until the printer reacts to the pull of a sound paper is relatively long,
  • printer is ready to be reused,
The way above will be done each time the printer requires replacement cartridge, which is characterized by resetting the lights blink red / orange.

Similarly, a few tips that can be shared to users Printer Epson R290 type, may be helpful.