T-shirt Press Machine Review, Price and Specification

T-shirt Press Machine Review, Price and Specification. 1000 watt, t-shirts must be white color, the material must contain polyester / TC, printed with sublimation ink, paper use Sublime for maximum results. It can also be printed on paper to save costs HVS.

Description :
Heat transfer sheets to be pressed onto all fabric surfaces, or personalised pictures or photos to be pressed to plane surfaces such as tiles, metal plates, etc. Pressing size can be customised to meet your special requirements.

  • Color:Blue
  • Size (L W H):73X43X40cm
  • Net Weight: 24 Kg
  • Gross Weight: 27.5Kg
  • Voltage:220V-240V 110V-130V
  • Power:2000W
  • Temperature Range:0-399C
  • Timing Range:0-1 Min
  • Pressing Size : 38cm X 38cm
Price per Unit (piece): $143.80